How are cartons involved in environmental issues?

All products have an impact on the environment. Packaging is no exception. Indeed, because it is discarded when the product contained by the packaging has been used, its impact on the environment can sometimes be very visible. The main environmental issues surrounding carton packaging are:

• The source and use of the raw materials, e.g. forestry issues, fibre separation (pulping), bleaching, and the manufacture of cartonboard

• The source and use of energy in manufacturing and distribution – whether renewable (wood) or fossil (oil, gas and coal) fuel based

• Waste management – recycling, energy recovery and composting

The forests from which the wood is obtained for the paper and cardboard industries are managed as a sustainable resource. Cartonboard and carton manufacturers seek to reduce environmental impact through their use and processing of resources. Major investments in manufacturing have ensured that all environmental legislation is complied with within large safety margins. These and other environmental issues are discussed in subsequent sections of this Fact File

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